About us

West Street Consulting, founded in 2004, is an organization committed to solutions and innovations for technical writers and information architects. It is owned and managed by Russ Ward, a full-time technical writer and part-time West Street software developer.

Currently, our focus is on structured FrameMaker as the writer's tool of choice, because we fully believe that for the price, it is unmatched in power and potential for tech writing and content management. We believe that most of the power is tucked away in the structured interface and often overlooked, because native features tend not to exploit it. However, we saw (and continue to see) an unending potential offered by the markup of structured documents, and are committed to providing affordable solutions that stretch it to the limits. That is, if there are any.

Like any software company, we like to sell software. But we also have an endless fascination for the methods and sciences of technical writing, and recognize it as our primary motivating force. We are inspired by the "technical" part of technical writing, and intend to keep the technology of our field moving forward.

We are always open to suggestions, and are available for customized solutions based on our existing products. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.