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AXCM (formerly ABCM)



If you are upgrading from a version previous to v3.00, be sure to read the release notes.

AXCM is a comprehensive conditional text replacement tool for structured Frame, allowing you to use structural markup to indicate and manage your conditions, instead of traditional conditional text tags. This methodology, along with the advanced features of the plugin, provides the following advantages:

AXCM is distributed as fully-functional freeware. It includes a comprehensive user guide and tutorials to get you started.

If you rely on conditional text, which many authors do, AXCM may be your answer to liberating yourself from the frustrations of the traditional FrameMaker feature. If you are not using structured FrameMaker yet, this software may be reason enough to convert.

Note that AXCM offers a broad scope of functionality related to conditional text, far more than native conditional text features within FrameMaker. The amount of functionality can seem complex and daunting to new users. If you have questions about how to get started with it, the installation package includes tutorials for a basic introduction. Also, feel free to contact us any time for recommendations.


API exposure

In addition to its graphical dialog boxes, primary AXCM features are fully exposed to external utilities, such as other API clients, FrameScript®, and FrameMaker 10's new ExtendScript. With these tools and the appropriate expertise, you can fully automate most AXCM activity.


Translation support

AXCM supports customizable translations to its menus and dialog boxes. Using simple "language files," you can localize the plugin to whatever language you desire. Note that we have provided the capability only, not necessarily any particular translations.