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If you are upgrading from a version previous to v3.00, be sure to read the release notes.


InsetPlus is a structure-based replacement for native text inset functionality. By using structural markup to contain and reference inset modules, it overcomes many of the limitations of native text inset functionality and provides the following benefits:

  • Live text - Unlike native insets, the inset text comes in “live.” This means it acts like any other text and can optionally be edited. It can also be refreshed from the source at any time to override manual alterations.
  • Easy path to update a module source - InsetPlus has an optional reverse path to update the source of an inset. Once you inset a module, it can be edited in the new document. Afterwards, you can choose to “update the source,” which takes your changes and updates the source itself.
  • No limitations on source modules per flow - With native insets, your source module must be an entire flow of some document. With InsetPlus, you can put as many source modules as you want in any flow, because the modules are identified by structural metadata. The contents of a module source, therefore, can range from an entire flow down to a single character. A module source can even be contained in the same document and flow as a reference to it.
  • Use of books for module "repositories" - In addition to storing multiple module sources in a single file, you can also store a set of “source files” in a book and point your references to that book. In this way, an inset reference can search an entire book for a source module. This type of query functionality allows you to set up a virtual “database” of module sources, with the database being nothing more technically complex than structured FrameMaker files.
  • Functional cross-references in PDF - Because the content is inset “live,” it acts like normal content, including normal cross-reference functionality in PDF form. Note, however, that the responsibility for managing links in a heavy reuse environment remains your responsibility and can represent a challenge.
  • Robust nested inset support - Because of the cascading nature of InsetPlus inset updates, module sources can inset other modules, with virtually no limit to the level of nesting.
  • Source module tracking - You can learn instantly where any source module is being used. Among other things, this is useful for making source module edits and ensuring that the context still applies to all referenced locations.
  • Better visibility and management of insets - Because inset containment is based on structural metadata, you can use all of structured FrameMaker’s native conveniences to navigate and manage the content. The Structure View makes it easy to see exactly what text belongs to what inset.
  • Auxiliary management tools - InsetPlus provides a number of tools to assist with inset management, including inset coloring and reporting.

InsetPlus is free and includes an unrestricted license for any legal use, private or commercial use. By downloading and using this software, you acknowledge that no guarantees are made to its functionality. Use it at your own risk. Any comments, bug reports, or suggestions are most welcome at